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Beautiful landscapes are everywhere, from the picturesque settings of the mountains to the large cities and rural areas of the world, one simply needs to look and identify them.

Landscape photography requires a great deal of attention to the available lighting, it's level of intensity and direction. This often means playing the waiting game until conditions are optimal for the scene you want to capture.

About Landscapes


As a photographer I am most inspired by bodies of water, particularly tidal waters. There is something special, almost mystical about seascapes and nautical scenes that brings an inner peace.

The movement of the waves, the colorful boats and watercraft and of course, those wonderful skies and magical light all combine to create an environment like no other.

About Seascapes

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The beauty of exterior and interior designs related to buildings cannot be overlooked in the modern era of architecture. 

From ground-level offices to soaring skyscrapers, today's architectural styles are truly artistic expressions.

Armed with a camera, I capture these art forms and add my own creative interpretations through digital photography.

About Architecture

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