1934 Ford Coupe

Today we have a look at an old classic, the 1934 Ford Coupe. Introduced in 1932, the Ford Coupe Model 40 came with a V8 engine. At the time, V8 engines were quite expensive to manufacture due to the complicated engine block casting process. As a result, the cost of the car made this attractive to only the well-heeled buyer as most others simply could not afford it.

However, Ford quickly found a way to solve this problem and developed a method for mass-producing the much sort after V8. This lowered the overall cost, which in 1934 was a whopping $555.00. This may sound like a mere pittance now but in 1934 America was in the firm grip of the Great Depression.

The photograph below shows a modestly customized one that I came across at the Street Rod Nationals in York Pennsylvania. 

1934 ford coupe

This particular car was absolutely spotless and in immaculate condition. I see these at car shows all the time, a testament to their popularity. I don't even look for them but always one of these standouts grabbing my attention. Notice the chromed horns, hood louvers and of course, that medieval-style grille with the "V8" insignia. 

I envisioned myself just slow-cruising this baby around town on a sunny weekend while watching the heads turn as the car goes by. 

I thought a black and white conversion was in order for this popular classic car.

Speaking of popularity, thieves loved these with the powerful V8 engines. I read that it was quite the sport for these to be stolen in the 30s so that the lawbreakers could outrun the police. That was likely short-lived as Ford also manufactured a Model A with a high-compression head for Police usage. 

Today, many these cars are quite valuable. I remember one selling at the Mecum Auction for around $110K. Not bad for a car that started out for less than $600 bucks. :-)

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