2016 - A Year of Anticipation and Change

Happy New Year!

Once again the New Year has provided a time of renewal and anticipation for that fresh start that we all enjoy. For me, it's the implementation of a new direction for this site and a change in focus for my photography business. Things have been shifting on the business side of things for many months now with several projects that have captured a great deal of my time and interest. Finally, my time is once again my own. ;-)

Boaters Beware.jpg

For many months now I  have been thinking about a new direction for this site, one that adds more value and provides helpful information for less experienced photography enthusiasts. To that end, I will share many of my “Thoughts Behind the Images”, a new series of posts that explain some of my thinking on the photographs I produce. It won't be an in-depth analysis but simply the sharing of thoughts and experiences encountered while in the field capturing images. 

In past years, I set goals for myself to accomplish but this year I've decided to relieve myself of those constraints and expand my photographic style and creative points of view without the backdrop of specific milestones and accomplishments tied to a timeline. I will remain focused on the topics I love, landscapes, seascapes and architecture, but will also mix in some street photography and a few other topics I think will generate some spark and interest. There will also be more discussions on the all important post-processing aspect of photography and why each photographer must master a technique and style. 

Again, I simply want to expand my vision and grow more as an artist and to do so; I will simplify things and follow my instincts while keeping the fundamentals of photography in mind. 

Creating Photographic Artwork

I began a shift more toward photographic artwork, also known as Fine Art Photography during the past year or so and will sharply focus on the continued creation of products and merchandise. The prospect of printing select images on canvas and other fine art papers has become quite appealing to me and provides an opportunity for branching out into a new realm. Learning how various fine art papers affect the end product has introduced a new level of excitement, one that has captivated my attention and given me a new vision.

Like often happens in life, one starts out on a journey to reach a certain place, that place we've envisioned, only to discover that something else wonderful and exciting has happened along the way. It's one of those unanticipated "Yes!" moments that we've been looking for.

After launching my framing and matting service last year I found myself with a serious time deficit during the initial transition period. There were times when I wondered what I had set myself up for but knew that I had to meet my obligations head on. In the long run, I am happy for both the challenge and the experience.  For those of you who may have an interest in framing your work, I am happy to share some helpful information and tips on the topic. The joy of framing your work is a huge plus for your bottom line and frankly, a lot of fun.

So come join me as I share the experiences of capturing the images, printing them, and creating a final product that's worthy of hanging on the wall.  

Thanks for stopping by!

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