A Beautiful Vintage Car

My wandering eyes are always on the lookout for a photo opportunity, something I can capture with my camera and create a memory. I just can't help myself and I admit it. It's a way of documenting things I see in life that provide a sense of beauty.

Such was the case while driving home recently, traveling a familiar road that leads to my neighborhood. When you travel a road regularly as often as I have this particular one you tend to know every mailbox and rose bush so I generally don't expect to see anything outstanding or photo-worthy. But behold, something shiny appeared in my peripheral vision then was suddenly gone. There was something up that narrow driveway that I simply had to have another look at. So I turned around and got a better look at this little beauty from yesteryear.

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To get the shot above I had to pass this vintage auto and once again go up the road, turn around and make another pass. This time I stopped briefly in the middle of the road and shot this out of the passenger side window while watching the rear-view mirror. :-)

Now here's the real mystery, I have no idea what type of car it is but would guess it's an old Ford from the vintage car era (1919 to 1930). I think it's a 1920-something vehicle but would love to hear the feedback of someone more knowledgeable. What do you think? Take a guess!

Did you know there was a distinction between vintage cars, antique cars and classic cars? Any car that is more than 25 years old is considered an antique while classics are generally considered to be between 30 and 49 years old. All I know is that I love old cars. :-)

Anyhow, no vehicle from the vintage era should be seen in only color so I have a black and white conversion below.

Lastly and for more funsies I ran this image through Topaz Lab's Simplify 4 filter using the BuzSim Desaturated setting. After tinkering around with the sliders I ended up with this result.

After applying Topaz the spokes in the wheels usually end up with these cobwebs between them, which I selectively remove via a mask. A very slight vignette was added as a final touch.

Now if I can only find out what type of car this is. I will print one of these and call on the residents of that home if I see that car there again.

Thanks so much for clicking by!