A short Walk Around Niagara Falls Ontario

Last week we struck out for a road trip with several stops on the itinerary, Niagara Falls Ontario, Toronto, Erie PA and Pittsburgh. The main attraction of course was Niagara Falls where the frigid winter of 2015 had frozen the Niagara river and the Horseshoe and American Falls. In case you missed it, check this previous post for a few of the photographs created. 

We set up camp in the Embassy Suites just above the Falls on the Canadian side, a very lovely 42-story hotel with breathtaking views and great service. We were on the 30th floor and I shot the image below from one end of my hallway around 4:45 in the morning.

Next I headed outdoors for my usual pre-dawn walk to get a few photographs while the rest of the world was asleep. After stepping outside I noticed a sign a short distance away that read -18, which was quite an eye-opener. But then I realized that this was celsius and it was really a balmy zero fahrenheit. Personally, I think it's all the same once the temps dip below 10-degrees, it's simply brutally cold.

I noticed the sky transitioning and knew that the blue hour was upon us so I headed toward the Horseshoe Falls, a short distance away. But there was a problem, a barricade was across the path that leads down to the Falls and the main gate does not open until 10:00 AM. I was told that you could get to the Falls anytime but as I found out, I was far from the route to make that happen.

So with a biting cold breeze and the clock running on the soft colors of the sky, I zoomed in between some trees for the shot above. After this, I can see the long way around to actually get to the Falls but the sidewalk is covered with nearly 4-feet of snow and ice, leaving only about 8 inches of the fence and top rail showing. Plus, the walk appears to be better than a mile so I scrapped that plan and decided to photograph a few street scenes.

Standing on a pedestrian bridge that crosses Portage Road I had hoped at least one vehicle would drive through so I could create a light trail shot, but nothing doing. Additionally, the hotel sign has an annoying flicker in the lettering so I truncated the name to something they would never advertise. :-)

Anyhow, I like these blue hour shots with nobody around for some reason, always have. 

I am still on the pedestrian bridge so just as well shoot in the other direction. By the way, notice the sidewalk on the left with snow and ice nearly to the top rail. To reach the Falls from here at this hour I would have to walk all the way around the bend, turn left then walk all the way back where that orange light is glowing. Not happening in this cold. In the meantime, I'm loosing the early morning light.

Instead, I head back around to the other side of the hotel on Fallsview Blvd toward some higher ground I spotted on the first day I was here.

This was the last stop on this short morning adventure. Besides, my fingers are beginning to get that tingly feeling as the cold has penetrated my gloves. So to wrap things up, I manually focused toward the sun, set the timer and strike a cold pose for this selfie.

Behind me there is a very long drop off that resembles a ski slope with a retaining wall at the end. Since I had neither skis or anyone to rescue me, I figured it was time to call it off and head back in for breakfast. :-)

Thanks for clicking by!