Along the Jetty

After a few really busy weeks I was able to unplug for several days along the shores of the Atlantic in Delaware. The Rehoboth Jazz Fest was having it's 25th annual event and we had been looking forward to this for some time now. Me and the Mrs. hooked up with "The Crew" and had another grand time, as we always seem to experience when we all get together.

Anyhow, photography was somewhat secondary to this trip and it felt good to have no real "target list" to work through. Besides, time flies when you're having fun and there was plenty of that. :-)

Nonetheless, I found time to get out and give the camera a little play while in the area. So I went to my tried-and-true routine of getting out there during the wee hours of the morning and headed to the beach.

Indian River Inlet, Delaware

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Having arrived at the Indian River Inlet well before daybreak and scouting out just the right spot for a sunrise, I setup and played the waiting game toward the end of the bluehour. The three previous days were amazing with temperatures near 70-degrees but on this day, there were high winds and a definitive chill in the air. A hood and gloves were in order, neither of which I was sporting. But a magnificent sunrise would make it all worth while, right?

Well, the sun would not overpower the thick cloud deck draped over the horizon and there were no sunbeams to bring the reward of drama either. This was as good as it gets this time around. As photographers, we always want more but many times we simply have to go with what you've got. :-)

Black & White Challenge Day 1

Over on Facebook I was nominated for the 5-Day Black and White Challenge by Mark Garbowski, so the conversion above serves as my Day 2 image. After the challenge I will drop my submissions onto a single page. 

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