An Old Friend Appears on the Chesapeake Bay

Dusk at the Marina

Somewhat recently I shared a brief story about and old friend we came across while out on the Chesapeake Bay fishing during the Spring of 2014. We had not seen this friend in quite a few years and we all felt like it was fate that brought us all together once again. That old friend, a fishing boat once owned by a gentleman who was truly a near and dear friend for decades. 

His name was Calvert Parks and he was a lifelong waterman. Sadly, we lost Calvert some years ago and while his passing on hit everyone who knew him emotionally, we took solace in our belief that he was at peace and was now fishing the heavens above. 

But let me give you a little background to help pull this story together. There is a core group of guys, myself included, who have been friends for many, many years and we also happen to be fishermen. We have traveled long distances to drop our lines, catch some of nature's bounty and create some fond memories. Man, we all have many great stories we could tell. Nearly three decades ago, we began fishing with an eastern shore resident and longtime waterman, Calvert. He knew the Chesapeake Bay and the tributaries along the east side of the bay like the back of his hand.

Most impressive was his ability to return time and time again to our special fishing spots, which seemed to nearly always yield a wonderful catch for the day. He did this, not with modern technology like GPS or Lowrance, but with eye site aided by a pair of well-seasoned binoculars. It was simply an amazing thing to witness. Anyhow, we all built a really tight bond with Calvert and enjoyed his friendship over the years. He was truly a great guy.

So let's now fast forward to Spring of 2014. We were out on the bay with Calvert's Nephew, Bruce Abbott when suddenly Bruce's sharp eyes spotted a boat that he was sure was the craft once owned by Calvert. The boat had been sold after his passing and we hadn't seen it since then. Now I must confess, I wouldn't have recognized it if it had pulled up along side of us but Bruce was quite certain. Eventually we pulled up our lines and Bruce maneuvered us to a better position to see the boat. 

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There were many boats in the area and the water was quite rough on that windy day but after shooting a series of photos I felt good about having captured this old friend that we had spent so many fishing trips aboard. Knowing that I may not see this boat again, I was a little concerned about the photos taken with each vessel bobbing like corks. You know how it is, everything looks great on those small displays on the back of our cameras. :-)

But after importing the photos to my computer the first few frames were less than I had hoped for but the next few were much better. I settled on the one above and after giving it a very generous crop I was happy to have captured the moment. This truly made the trip special and more memorable than it otherwise would have been.

So there you have it, one of my many fishing stories. But wait, there's more. :-)

Since Calvert was an old-school gentleman born during the earlier years of the 20th century, I thought a black and white conversion of this image was definitely in order and a great place to close out this post. I would be remiss if I didn't mention some of my longtime fishing buddies like Andre', Marvin, Charlie, Nate and Bruce.

There is nothing like being in the right place at the right time! :-)

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