Architectural Styles

Architectural styles have evolved throughout history, from the Neolithic and Sumerian styles of some 8000 years ago to the high-tech Late Modernism creations of today. All along, becoming more functional and creative. Makes one wonder what creative styles will be seen in the next millennia.

I really enjoy photographing the various styles of buildings, even when several styles clash in the crowded skyline of popular cities. Such was the case on one of my visits to Las Vegas. As is often the case, I was up before dawn and was crossing the elevated crosswalk between the MGM where I was staying and the New York New York Hotel where I was heading for breakfast.

When I looked down the strip to the east I could see this beautiful sky transitioning as the sun was rising. I knew I had to quickly find something to wrap that great light around so I framed up The Hilton Grand Vacations and the surrounding buildings.

One of the things that caught my eye in the image above was the sunlight on those windows. There is something about sunlit windows that I find attractive. What I didn't see, which happens when shooting in low light, was the string of power lines draped across the scene. They have been removed via the Spot Healing Brush in Photoshop CC.

Although there are several architectural styles crammed into this frame, I still like the image, although it will never be a gallery piece. Besides the fact that this reminds me of an enjoyable time in Vegas, I guess I just have a weak spot for colorful skies and architecture. :-)

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