Aruban Sunset

Well it's back to reality after a wonderful week in Aruba, the Dutch island that is part of the Netherlands Antilles. Aruba was settled in 1636 and many say that the weather hasn't changed since it's discovery. 

We arrived to somewhat high winds, which persisted for most of the week with some breaks here and there but it was an amazingly pleasant visit. Most of my time was spent on the beach or in the gigantic hotel pool but I also managed to get out and capture many images of the island life. Needless to say, I'll be sharing quite a few of them in upcoming blog post and over on Google Plus and Facebook.

I had intended to post some images to the aforementioned social media sites while away but the internet was somewhat intermittent. Besides, there was beach bumming to participate in. After all, I am certified in that vocation. :-)

So we'll begin with this Aruban sunset captured on one of the final days of the trip.

Aruban Sunset

Catamarans and all sorts of other watercraft are often anchored just off of the beach, providing plenty of opportunities for nautical views like this. I was happy to be on the west side of the island, as sunrises were another story altogether. Several mornings were cloudy until the sun was well above the horizon. 

I learned a lot about Aruba and really enjoyed the stay there. Perhaps I'll do a return trip in a couple of years. It will be interesting to see the ongoing development of the island. New, swanky hotels are being built regularly and the area a few blocks from where we stayed seemed as busy as Vegas during the night life hours with plenty of dining and club establishments to keep visitors entertained.

But for now, "there's no place like home" 

Thanks for visiting!