Auto Abstracts

After returning from my trip to Aruba I found out that the Mecum Auctions were up the road in Harrisburg Pennsylvania. There was only one day left for the event so I quickly decided to take the Sunday morning drive.

For those not familiar with Mecum Auctions, they are the auctioneering clearing house for vintage cars, trucks and motorcycles. I've been watching them on TV for years and reminiscing about those days when muscle cars ruled the streets of America. I once owned a 1970 Dodge Superbee (my first brand new car) and was bitten by the high-performance bug as a teenager.

Anyhow, I have been accumulating a ton of auto abstract images and will use this post to launch my "Auto Abstracts" Series of images. I will have a page and gallery up in the not so distant future.

I'll open the series with a couple of Heavy Chevy shots.

Click any image to enlarge!

1957 Chevy Bel Air

This eye-popping custom muscle car stole my heart from jump street. It was love at first sight, no doubt about it and I knew I had to have some photos to remember her by. :-)

When I shoot abstracts of cars I try to find an angle that will provide a picture-in-picture effect or a dash of complimenting color, as was the case here. It's a simple play on reflections with the color being supplied by stage lighting over my shoulder.

Next up, another Chevy.

1969 Chevy SS Chevelle

Here we have a "69" Chevelle SS with the "SS 396" badge. This car was a beast in it's day.

In this shot I took advantage of the bumper's corner to get that picture-in-picture effect I mentioned earlier. Enlarge and have a look, you'll see motorcycles lined up for the auction on the left, a crouching figure (me) in the center and the elongated trunk of a white car on the right. Maybe it's just me, I see too much perhaps, but I just love reflections. :-)

We'll have more Auto Abstracts up soon. So until next time, thanks for clicking by!