Harbor Lights

One thing about places like the Baltimore Inner Harbor is the fact that it has been photographed from practically every conceivable angle.  Nonetheless, anyone with a camera (camera phones included) will raise it and fire off into the distance hoping to create a little magic. Visit any time of day or night and someone will be taking photos.

To get a different perspective zooming in tighter often does the trick as opposed to the wider view of the entire area.

Today's photo was taken on a bitter cold December evening in 2012 as the sun was dropping toward the horizon. Once it dipped behind the buildings, darkness and the wind became my companions and really made their presence known. Like most in the area that night, I soon headed for the car. Brrrrrr.

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Now that peak color has past and many of the leaves are off of the trees, cold days like the one above are surely in the not so distant future.

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