Bamboo Garden

It's been a very busy and productive week, a bit of a mini-adventure as I have juggled a couple of commercial shoots, work for Baltimore county and of course, my own personal life. I have just about completed the post-processing edits for the commercial side of things and I look forward to diving into the tons of images I have for this site and my galleries.

So another Friday has arrived and an always fast weekend lies ahead. :-)

Today I thought I would share an image created during my far and wide travels this week. There is this very Zen-like bamboo garden on one of the sites I've been working so I grabbed a shot one morning after I arrived.

Bamboo Garden

The sun has risen to the right of this frame, creating an undesirable glare on this windows and there is some construction activity just outside of the frame so I had to retreat to this perspective to maintain the peace of the scene itself.

I love those river rocks, obviously imported from some far-away place, and the embedded fountains provide just enough sound of water flow to make one want to pull up a chair and meditate. Of course, just as you begin to really enjoy the mood the construction nearby provides the ultimate buzz-kill. :-)  Nonetheless, I enjoyed the overall architectural feel of this well-manicured landscaping creation.

Click on the image to see larger in a lightbox, enjoy.

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