Beach Life

So, who doesn't love the beach life? Just hanging out, smelling the salt in the air and watching the clouds go by. Ok, maybe there are some who don't dig this type of scene but I am surely not among them. There is just something relaxing about the sights and sounds of life on the shoreline, particularly in the tropics.

We live a good portion of our lives on autopilot so it's critical that we take an occasional break from our daily routines. Let's face it, life can be a real beach, if you get my drift. :-)

Below we have a few shots of beach life taken in Aruba. Beach life there is no different than most other popular tourist locations, lots to see and plenty of fun.

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The casual scene above is where it all starts, establishing a comfy place from which to base your day. No worries, relax and set your mind free.

All manner of watersports are available along the beach, go for boat rides, water skiing, scuba diving or even soar the heights above while parasailing (not for the faint of heart). These are fun activities to watch whether you participate or not. Sit back with a nice seafood or fruit salad, a cold drink and simply watch the live movie unfold before you.

Take a dip in the soothing warm waters where floating somehow seems easier. It's the ultimate cool-down activity. One of the things I really like about this location, and there are many, is the fact that there is so much space to enjoy along the shoreline. No crowded beach areas like many popular locales.  In fact, all of the beach areas in Aruba are public, there are no privately owned shoreline areas.

After seeing the heights and letting the wind blow through your hair, you may want to visit a refreshment stand. You may even need an adult beverage, depending upon your experience. :-)

Eduardo's Beach Shack stayed fairly busy during my stay. The image above was taken during the early morning hours while most were just getting up or enjoying breakfast.

I hope you enjoyed the view. We will share many more peeks into paradise in future post.

Thanks so much for visiting!