Blue Hour in Aruba

Where has the summer gone? A couple of really nice trips and some outings on the Chesapeake and bam... kids are heading back to school and it feels like the season is over. Technically there is a month left but for me, I am missing the days gone by already. So I harken back to the beaches of Aruba.

In this short post I share an evening blue hour shot taken along the beach. I love those blue hour or twilight times when the sun is just below the horizon and the world takes on a totally different look. In this case I had been walking the beach shooting some evening frames and was heading back to the hotel. With quite a few boats anchored around one of the pier hangouts, I decided to grab a cold one and wait for the light to change.

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Since there was a nice breeze blowing, I was concerned about movement of the boats in this shot. But the exposure time was short  enough (1/640s) to have no blurring effect. I took a couple of subsequent shots with the ISO bumped up to 400 and 650 respectively but liked this one best, although the others looked quite similar.

Since the summer season seems to be heading for sunset and soon will be over, this image feels quite appropriate for today. :-)

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