Boeing S-307 Stratoliner

The Boeing S-307 Stratoliner, which took it's first flight in 1938, was the very first commercial transport aircraft with a pressurized cabin. It's design is derived from the B17 bomber, also known as the "Flying Fortress",  an impressive war bird from World War II.

The sole surviving S-307 Stratoliner resides in the Smithsonian's Steven F. Udar-Hazy Center at Dulles Airport in Washington DC. In a previous post I mentions how tightly packed the museum was and how difficult it was to obtain uncluttered shots of most aircraft on display. As an alternative, I decided to shoot some abstracts in hopes of creating a little mystery and perhaps some inspiration.

The interesting logo seen above was used by Pan American Airways from 1944 to 1957, one of many iterations used over the years. I have always enjoyed the evolution of corporate logos and how they have changed to reflect the more modern times.

The fuselage above sports rectangular windows and a bold type font displaying the name of the now defunct Pan American Airways System. Pan Am, as the company was known, was the first to order these Stratoliner planes. I do not know if this particular plane is from that original order but it is the very last of this model.

Above we have a composite image where I dropped in a sky to cover the museum floor and it's clutter using Photoshop Creative Cloud. Without this change the image would have been unusable, in my opinion. Not a masterpiece by any stretch but this does provide a clutter-free look at this historic aircraft.

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