City Canal - Frederick Maryland

Frederick Maryland is located at the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains and was founded in the early 1700s. Frederick Town, named for Frederick Louis, the Prince of Wales at the time, was established in 1745. Today's Frederick is the second largest incorporated city in Maryland. 

I was in that area fairly recently and decided to stop in to see the city canal that I had read about. Since it was winter, there was no expectation of seeing much activity along the canal and there wasn't. In fact, the canal was under construction with sections of it closed off, apparently for some off-season refurbishments. Nonetheless, I would be undeterred and with camera in hand, capture some photographs. There is always the architecture to enjoy.

This shot was taken facing west where few signs of the construction are evident. Behind me, the canal is barricaded off and the flow of water has been temporarily disrupted. The water level above appears to be around 3 feet lower than normal.

As I continued to walk west I came across this footbridge to the other side of the canal. Architecturally, I really like the layout of this area and the wonderful stonework. Let's step across and get a look from the other side.

The low water has exposed the pots holding those ornamental grasses, usually seen just poking up out of the water. There had also been a string of cold days before I arrived here, as seen by the newly formed sheets of ice in some places.

The building with the colorful windows in the background is The Delaplaine Visuals Arts Education Center, a definite stop for my next visit. It is there that many Frederick area youth and adults alike learn about the arts through classes and workshops.  

By now you've probably noticed how much of a ghost town this place was on my visit. Very few people were seen in the area, unlike the outdoor seasons of spring and summer when this place is full of life with festivals and other cultural events. So, I simply enjoyed the peace, quiet and architectural stylings of the canal area on this short visit. I am certain that things will be totally different when I return.

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