Capital Wheel Captured

Back in May of this year (2014) I posted an image of the newest attraction at the National Harbor, the Capital Wheel. That image was taken just before it made it's debut, also in May. You can see that image here

I revisited the National Harbor recently and took quite a few photographs of the now popular observation wheel, a few of which I'll share with you here in this post. I began shooting during the evening hours as the sun was descending toward the horizon, creating more favorable skies than earlier in the harsh light of midday.  

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In the shot above I decided to cut away a portion of the wheel for an abstract view. For what seemed to be an easy composition, I was unhappy with several points of view until I looked through the viewfinder and saw this one. The clouds appeared to be skimming across the top of the Capital Wheel as if sculpted by the wind from the wheel itself. Only a few of he LED lights had been illuminated at this time, providing just enough light to accent the wheel. I was glad the gondola lights were not yet on, they would likely have been a bit distracting.

Next up,  a shot taken after the colors in the sky had intensified greatly. It's one of those sky-on-fire images that always looks great on the camera's display but often disappoints when opened on the computer.  For that reason, I seldom get excited about what I see in the field with high-intensity skies.

Streaky clouds at sundown really helped the photograph come to life. Also seen, a yacht has just left the docks for an evening dinner cruise and a jetliner enters the frame as it heads for a runway at Reagan National Airport across the Potomac River in Washington DC.

Lastly, the Capital Wheel at dusk when the lights look amazing. 

This 2.5 second long-exposure caught the wheel in motion and yielded this sort of dartboard looking pattern. Of all the shots taken that evening I found this one to be a favorite because of the pattern. Every shot provided a different pattern and many were very interesting. The majority however, were taken from this very spot as I enjoyed the comfort of an Adirondack chair on the pier.  A couple of adult beverages rounded out the evening and I didn't leave this spot until well after sundown. :-)

Many thanks for stopping by. Let me know which shot you like best in the comments below.

Stay creative!