Caribbean Sunset

Yes, it is still quite warm in the Mid Atlantic Region but make no mistake, the waning days of summer have begun. I can see it in certain trees whose foliage has already begun the transformation from it's lush summer appearance. It's that time of year where you may find yourself with mixed feelings.

On the one hand it has been such a wonderful summer that I am not ready for the season to wind down, while on the other hand, I really do look forward to the vibrant colors of Fall that will arrive in a hand full of weeks. In the meantime, I just as well hang onto the visions of the summer of 2014 a bit longer.

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The image above was taken while vacationing on the beautiful island of Aruba. It had been a rather windy day with clouds blowing rapidly across the sky. As the sun moved closer to the horizon the sky turned a dull gray and clouds covered the sun. I began to think that this sunset would be a bust. But I learned long ago to always wait things out as the sun often burns through just before or after reaching the horizon. 

In this case, the resulting muted colors that emerged from the drab gray sky seen just moments before saved the day. I took a series of shots at various exposures, thinking I would likely end up going with a silhouetted image but one of the raw files provided enough detail to render this version of the scene.

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