Catch of the Day

Living near large bodies of water provides opportunities for many to make a living as commercial fisherman.

In my geographic area the Chesapeake Bay and it's tributaries have seen generations of families following this adventurous way of life. I have quite a few friends in the industry and they all attest to the fact that this is not an easy way of life. Uncertainty is a daily companion of the commercial fisherman. One never knows what awaits when they leave the docks under the cover of darkness during the wee hours of the morning.

But on this day, my old friend Joe Henderson had a good haul.

Catch of the Day

Above, Joe is talking with some of his customers, who await his return to the docks to buy fresh fish for their families. The fish in the foreground, which cover most of the floor are Menhaden, also known as Bunkers. These go to the fish house, where they are sold by the pound and ground into fish food and fish oil products.

The baskets have been sorted into the good stuff, Trout, Sea Bass, Rockfish and a host of other species commonly found at the local seafood markets. Once the regular customers are taken care of the remainder is delivered to the fish house just up the river where they are commercially processed.

During the season, local watermen like Joe and his crew go out 6 days per week and will work up to around Thanksgiving. They normally make enough salary to not have to worry about the long hard winters.

As a sports fisherman, I too am ready to get out on the Bay after a long, tough winter. :-)

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