Christmastime in New York

Tis the season, the holidays are in full swing and Christmas lights are decorating many homes and businesses. Its a wonderful time of year and I love to be out photographing the lights. In today's post we go back in time to one of my trips to New York, Manhattan to be more specific.

I was hoping to get back there this year for the decorations and tree lighting but things have just not worked out so I have reached into the archives for a few memorable images. 

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The image above of the skating rink at the Rockefeller Center was the subject of a Holiday greeting card I created a couple of years ago. I remember taking this shot like it was yesterday. My Wife and I were standing at the railing of the upper level just watching the festivities and taking in the beauty of the moment. As we were about to leave for another location I turned and grabbed the shot at the last moment.

Next we have another favorite of mine, the large christmas ornaments on Sixth Avenue (Avenue of the Americas).

In the 8 or 10 block area surrounding Radio City Music Hall, this is one of the hot spots for people taking photos during the holiday season. There was a line of folks on the sidewalk (background) just waiting to pose in front of these huge ornaments. Watching some of the families strike a pose has a level of entertainment value in and of itself.

Above we have a typical street scene at the corner of Sixth Avenue and 50th Street. You can see Radio City Music Hall peeking through the lighted trees. This was a very festive evening all over town.

Speaking of Radio City...

The crowds were thick and orderly as people went about their merry way, seeing the sights, shopping and enjoying the atmosphere of the night.

We close out this post with this shot of some lighted Christmas trees. If memory serves me correctly, these were in an elevated planter outside of the News Corporation building. 

I hope these few images have help to get you into the holiday spirit. Before we know it, a new year will be upon us and we'll start many things anew.

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