Cruiser Skateboards and Musical Sculptures

Welcome back!

After a busy week and very nice Holiday break, I have shifted back into creative photography mode. Today we have a peek at a street scene taken during the early morning hours of a Sunday morning. It's a great time to shoot popular areas that are normally flowing with the usual hustle and bustle of daily life, while most are taking advantage of a day to sleep in.

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While visiting Harborplace I saw this group of skateboarders cruising along the promenade and enjoying the beautiful morning. As they approached I was shooting some musical sculptures nearby so I had to settle for this shot as they passed by. 

This is one of those shots that I thought would look better in black and white so I converted it right in Photoshop CC using the much improved sliders. I then brought back in the one skateboard for just a dash of color.

About those musical sculptures, you can see them in the image below.

The Baltimore Marriott Waterfront served as a nice backdrop with it's vertical lines. At the base of the musical sculptures are small containers holding mallets that people can use to play a tune, much like those used to play a Xylophone. I didn't try them for a couple of good reasons. First of all, it was a very quiet and peaceful morning and secondly, I was never any good at these anyhow. :-)

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