DC Cherry Blossoms

After a couple of really busy weeks on special projects it's good to settle back into a bit of a regular routine. I am nearly ecstatic to have these behind me, as this now clears the way for some photography trips I have on the list. In the meantime nearly half the month has slipped away and the weather has become summer-like with temps in the 80s. But no complaint here, particularly after the winter we experienced. :-)

In this short post I share a couple of pre-dawn photographs taken at the DC Tidal Basin. It's a place I love to visit and if you arrive early you can find ace-rate parking (free) within walking distance of all the major attractions. I always park on Ohio Drive SW, right next to the Franklin Roosevelt Memorial.

Beyond the cherry blossoms stands the brightly lit Thomas Jefferson Memorial. Built in 1943, it's classical revival style of architecture gives off a grand presence. 

A little later in the morning as the sky brightened and the blue hour began to wane I took this shot of the canopy of trees with early morning visitors gathering beneath them. It reminds me of what a beautiful morning it was.

Before closing out I'd like to share with you this image posted last year of the Washington Monument. It has been recently sold to a client and I am in the process of framing and matting it.

The print is 34 inches in width and was rolled into a tube when I received it. I'd much rather it have been delivered flat. Anyway, before actually mounting the print I allow it to flatten out by spreading it on a worktable and covering it with plastic and a piece of foam core backing. This adds more time to the process but is well worth it in the end. Once complete, I'll post up an image of the finished product. 

Thanks for stopping by! :-)