DC Sunrise

Welcome back!

Today I want to share another sunrise image and a few housekeeping notes regarding the site, so let's jump right in.

The image below was created during the 2014 Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington DC. I will always have fond memories of that great morning and it's surreal atmosphere. You can view the original post here. Anyhow, here is another shot from that wonderful morning.

Photographer's catch a sunrise at Washington DC's Tidal Basin.

Click the image to see it larger in a lightbox

The image above shows a small portion of the crowd of photographers that had gathered. There were at least a couple of hundred spread around the Tidal Basin.

Now on to a couple of housekeeping notes. Some of you may have noticed the new look here. I migrated all of my content from the old Wordpress site to Squarespace and rebuilt the site several weeks ago. Launched was somewhere around May 30th. I've been building sites and hosting clients since the 1980's, when HTML was hand-coded. Geeze, did I just admit that? :-)

Anyway, I do all of my own graphic designs and creations for the most part and actually enjoy the work, although time consuming and tedious. To save time I should probably farm this out and hire someone, but it's just hard to let go of the fun aspect.

Like most large-scale projects, a glitch or two will certainly occur. During the extensive testing of the site's functionality I discovered that my RSS feed icon would sometimes not appear so I trashed it and did a new install which seemed to have done the trick, or so I thought. My pal Len Saltiel Tweeted me to let me know he was no longer getting updates of new content. Thanks so much, Len!

Seems that this fickle issue had returned so I have completely dumped it and created a new icon and RSS Feed link. The link is http://feeds.feedburner.com/blog-jimijonesvisuals for those of you who would like to subscribe for updates. 

Next I'd like to alert you to a link shortening system I have created. With the migration to Squarespace my post link system got a bit longer since links must now include the page location (/blog). So this link structure http://www.jimijonesvisuals.com/blog/2014-cherry-blossom-festival became this http://jjv.li/Cherry-Blossom-Festival when used in Tweets and social media sites. So when you see the short domain prefix "jjv.li" it is not spam or some other nefarious link, just me trying to keep things a bit more tidy. :-)

I hope you like the new digs, I certainly do and look forward to implementing a lot of projects here on the site. By the way, I still use Wordpress and host sites there. I will write a post about why I move to the architecture of Squarespace for my personal site in the not so distant future.

Thanks for clicking by, I appreciate it!  :-)