DC War Memorial

Nestled in the woods of Potomac Park, a short distance from the Tidal Basin in Washington DC,  is the World War I Memorial known as the DC War Memorial. It commemorates the more than 25,000 DC citizens that served in that campaign.

The memorial stands some 47-feet in height and unless you know it’s there, you sort of come upon it while walking one of the paths taken to reach the Reflecting Pool.  The memorial was dedicated in 1931 on Armistice Day and was recently restored, reopening in 2011. The architect for this was Frederick H. Brooke

Since this war ended in November of 1918 it is unlikely that any of those veterans who so proudly served remain with us today, but it is nice to see that they are not forgotten.

The image below was taken a short time after sunrise, using the trees to blunt the harshness of the light.

DC War Memorial                                                                                                    BUY

The trees were not in full foliage during this early Spring morning during the Cherry Blossom Festival, which allowed for a clearer view of the structure down the path.

Below we have a closer view of the DC War Memorial, which was actually taken first. You may notice that the sun is slightly lower in the sky in this shot.

DC War Memorial                                                                 BUY

I really like the columns on this structure, a somewhat common site on courthouses, government buildings and other structures. They are a great structural elements.

Of the two images above, which do you prefer? I’ve gone back and forth on this and couldn’t decide.

Until next time, thanks for stopping by.