Do Not Feed the Alligators

Today we share a little something different than my usual subjects of landscapes, seascapes and architecture. The current frigid weather had me thinking of the warmer days of summer.

Recalling a trip to Hilton Head Island, I dusted off a couple files in the archives. We spent a week there and stayed in a really nice condo community. Between the swimming pool and our building was a small canal. The canals are often seen woven through communities and are generally designed to serve as storm water management systems.

One morning when I came out for an early morning walk I noticed a pet nearby, but not one that you would dare attempt to put a leash on.

After taking a few photographs and enjoying the morning quiet I told my wife and friends about the alligator outside. They all came out to see the gator but the conversation soon turned to shoes, belts and bags so I figured it was time to simply go to breakfast. :-)

As we enter the month of March, I have thoughts of warmer weather and those times when we can enjoy the great outdoors once again. Hurry Springtime!

Have a great weekend, everyone!