Sweet Factory - Domino Sugars

Happy Holidays, everyone! I hope you have enjoyed the season so far and look forward to the coming new year.

My apologies for being among the missing during the past week or so but I've been seriously under the weather with a sudden visit from the flu bug or something I hope never returns. Having finally shaken it off, it is sweet to be feeling more like myself again.

Speaking of sweet, today's image is a night shot taken some weeks ago of the Domino Sugars factory in Locust Point. It's iconic neon sign is a huge tourist attraction and you can often see folks aiming their cameras in that direction. On this particular night, the temperatures dropped rather quickly after sunset and a light fog was just beginning to form.

Domino Sugars Factory

Here is another image of the sugar factory that was posted in September of 2011.

Thanks so much for clicking by.

I will be catching up on many of the post and creative works I have missed during the next couple of days.

Happy Holidays and safe travels to all!

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