Duck Dynasty

Welcome back! I've been off the grid for a few days while feverishly working on a large project for a client. Thankfully, that has concluded and allowed me to regain some time to generate a post. :-) 

I have entitled today's photograph as "Duck Dynasty" since the ducks are ruling the waterway shown below. There were so many of them around on this chilly morning that it was difficult to compose a shot that was uncluttered.

The shot was taken during the soft light of sunrise, which left them silhouetted against the colorful background. What I found most surprising was the dead silence of the moment. There was no quacking or other audible sounds, just the ducks silently swimming about.

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There are hundreds of species of ducks and I am not knowledgeable about their characteristics in general, but to see the huge number gathered on this morning in near total silence was very strange.  On the other hand, unlike many of we humans, perhaps they simply know when it's time to keep quiet. :-)

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