F-14 Tomcat

I have always had a fondness of U S Navy and Air Force jet fighter planes, so much so that a few scale models have found their way into a small collection. So when I saw the F 14 Tomcat on the floor of the Air and Space Museum I could hardly wait to get a closer look. Technically, the one featured in this post is a Grumman F-14 D (R) Tomcat which was manufactured in the mid 1970′s.

This supersonic bird would be launched from the deck of aircraft carriers to fly sorties, provide fleet defense and to help establish air superiority in the Persian Gulf Region. Retired from service in 2006 this mechanical war veteran sits proudly for all to see.

F-14 D (R) Tomcat                                                                                                                          BUY

With a top speed exceeding 1500 miles-per-hour,  many enemy aviators likely said their prayers knowing this well-armed and highly technologically advanced machine was on the prowl. I do however, think it is showing it’s best stuff by sitting on the museum floor.

“Make peace not war!

War notwithstanding, this $38 Million (1998) aircraft is an awe-inspiring piece of aviation history to see.

In the crowded setting of a museum, angles to capture the full view of aircraft, in this case one that is 63-feet long, are difficult at best. I opted to show the front end and leave the rest to the imagination, avoiding the cluttered scene just out of the frame to the left.

With the primary colors of the image above being a few tones of gray and white,  a black and white conversion and an opportunity to play with the sliders in post-processing was a given. 

F-14 D (R) Tomcat in B&W                                                                                                         BUY

Keeping the gray tone transitions relatively soft seemed to be appropriate for this image. Of course, there were some radical looks to be had but I felt some actually distracted from the jet plane itself.

The F-14 Tomcat is an amazing machine and I was very happy to see this one up close and personal.

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