Frigid Sundown

Our first snowfall of 2014 arrived on January 2nd and brought with it bitter cold single-digit temperatures. When the weather cleared the next day, I headed out for a nearby wooded area to capture a little magic. I knew exactly where I wanted to be as the sun was dropping toward the horizon but also knew I'd have to walk nearly a mile in the snow to get there.  The winds had created some drifts and wonderful patterns like the ones you see in beach sand. But this was no day at the beach with temperatures hovering around 7 degrees F.

Among pristine snow and an intensely orange sunset, I find ice forming on the surface of the small pond I set out to photograph.

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After taking this shot and a few others along the way, it was time to head back as darkness would soon be arriving. This is also the time when the cold has begun to penetrate my gloves and the hands let you know that it's really cold. :-)

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