Fw 190 F-8

The Focke Wulf Fw 190 and it's many variations were widely used during World War II. This single-seat German made fighter was designed by the German Ministry of Aviation and took it's first flight in 1939. Powered by a 14 cylinder, 1529 horsepower BMW engine, this aircraft could exceed 380 mile per hour and had great maneuverability.

 I have a certain fascinating with aircraft and these old war birds and their associated history really stir the imagination.

A restored Fw 190 F-8, as seen in the Air & Space Museum, Chantilly Virginia.

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Including prototypes, trainers and high-altitude variants, there were more than 75 models of this plane. This is one of the ground attack versions.

The folks who work in the Restoration Shop do a tremendous job of bringing air and spacecraft back to original condition. What a cool job that must be, having an opportunity to touch history and extend the life of machines from the past. You can click here to see what is being currently restored. I like to check this occasionally to see what new exhibits will be on the horizon.

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