Gypsy Lady

Welcome back! If you arrived looking for the book by Author Shirlee Busbee or for the lyrics to the song by Peaches & Herb, my apologies. :-)

The Gypsy Lady of this post is neither a lyric or a book, but rather, a simple cabin cruiser docked along a waterway upstream from the magnificent Chesapeake Bay. You see, I am often found around shorelines and bodies of water looking for nautical scenes and elements to photograph. It's an environment that I have always been attracted to because of it's scenic beauty and serenity.

I came upon the Gypsy Lady near an old oyster processing house near Millenbeck, off of the Corrotoman River. A lovely evening was underway and the sky was hinting at a colorful sunset affair.

Gypsy Lady
Gypsy Lady

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Obscured by the tall weeds in the left foreground, is the name "Gypsy Lady" painted in a script type font across the boat's stern. Further in the background, the boom of an old crane can be seen. Perhaps it was once used to lift boats out of the water.

Most of the items in and around the now shuttered oyster house seem to have been frozen in time and have not been used for a good number of years. We will cover many of them in future posts so do stop by again. :-)

Thanks so much for visiting!


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