Indian River Sunset

We make a trek to Rehoboth Beach each year in October for the annual Jazz Festival there which occurs on a Thursday through Sunday. Between shows and fun with friends I always squeeze in a little time for photography and this year was no different in that regard.

While out on an evening drive I noticed the sky starting to setup nicely with color so I thought I would head toward the Indian River Marina to capture some of the light. The image below was taken along the shores of the Indian River, just inside the inlet off of the Atlantic Ocean.

I have always found sunsets and sunrises fascinating since each is unique. Many of the same challenges exists but it all begins with being in the right place at the right time. For that I use Light Trac (in app store - $4.99) and the Photographer's Ephemeris (free). 

Part of the fun for me is arriving well in advance so I can watch the sky transition and make any adjustments in position and setup. This allows you to include or exclude other elements within the frame that you determine will help or detract from the shot. The lighting conditions will change quickly so it's best to start shooting early, just as the sun is approaching the horizon.

This image is far from the best sunset I've seen or photographed but you make the best of what's before you. Often, it is not necessarily about the sun itself but rather, those rich and vibrant colors that appear across the sky. In a strange sort of way this becomes the beauty of the sun experience, as there will always be another one tomorrow.

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