It's Harvest Time

Welcome to Fall of 2013! This year it arrived at 4:44 pm Sunday the 22nd. Here in the Mid-Atlantic Region and along much of the Eastern Seaboard, the transition occurred with thunderstorms and heavy rains. It seemed the weather was scheduled to arrive with the change of seasons, right on cue. Yes, it's harvest time!

I have been gathering images over the past weeks as the leaves began to turn and the combines, tractors and other harvesting equipment have been busy clearing the fields in Northern Baltimore county and surrounding areas. Soon the days will become increasingly shorter and the air will develop a distinctive chill factor and crispness.

These are the signs of Fall or Autumn, a season that presents many wonderful opportunities for photographers to capture the beauty of nature, as seen is this colorful row of trees. But today I want to share a few recent images of rural life during this harvest season of 2013.

Harvest Drive

Scenes like the one above are commonplace as you travel about in the rural areas of Maryland this time of year. Tall stalks of corn can be seen for hundreds of acres across the countryside. This particular image was captured on an overcast day when the skies served as a huge lightbox, softening the available light and removing the midday harshness normally encountered.

Corn Field

The combine used has a very wide set of blades. The path shown above is from a single pass around the perimeter of the field. Built for efficiency, these machines can clear very large tracts of land in a single day.

Harvesting Corn

Above, freshly harvested corn is transferred to a heavy duty dump truck for transport to a processing facility. Some of this may even end up as ethanol.

Depending on the size of the yield, tractor trailers with 40-foot trailers are also used to haul away the goods.

Harvesting Equipment

After a long day's work, the heavy equipment gets a much deserved rest. After all, tomorrow is another day. :-)

The John Deere Company manufactures some of the best harvesting equipment in the world, one reason you see these awesome machines everywhere. The cabs have all of the comforts of a luxury car with air conditioning, GPS and audio systems to name but a few amenities. All of this adds up to high production outputs by getting the crops from the fields to the processing facilities.

It's all about agriculture baby!



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