Keystone Color Works

What began as an organic pigment production plant in 1919, now sits empty while awaiting a determination about it's future. There has been discussions about converting this property into living space (Apartments), or even establishing a work space for artists.

Located within the city limits of York Pennsylvania, the property was also used for the manufacture of farm machinery during the period of 1887 to 1908. While the property has a colorful history (couldn't pass on that pun), it's future at least seems to not support the complete razing of the building.

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The pigment materials once produced here were used in paints, wallpaper and other surface covering materials. If you look closer you can see the still in use railroad tracks passing just in front of the building.

I hope to return to this post with a positive update about this building having been converted to work space for artist, that would be really cool. Since that is a possibility, I thought I would give this image a bit of a painterly look.

Whenever I am in the area, I will surely peek in on it's future use.

I located a silent video (7:57), made possible by a grant from The Mid-Atlantic Arts Foundation in association with York Arts and The City of York's Department of Economic Development. It provides a look inside the building, a place I would love to have access to. ;-)

Perhaps the future of this location is heading in a positive direction.

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