Let it Snow!

With the Fall colors now long gone and old man Winter less than three weeks away I have reluctantly entertained thoughts of those cold days with snow on the ground. We got our first dose of snow last week. It was no Winter Wonderland but it provided a glimpse of things to come. What the heck... Let it Snow!

I've been in my archives purging when time allows and came upon some shots from last Winter when it snowed once or twice weekly, or so it seemed. Anyhow, I thought I would process a couple and sort of get in the mood. 

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Field of Dreams

Now that the outdoor sports of baseball, soccer and lacrosse have ended, a pristine layer of snow covers this field of dreams where young athletes begin the process of honing their skills. There is just something I enjoy about those cold crisp mornings out chasing the light. Its shots like this one that make the moment in time special. I knew the sun would be rising across this field but shining its rays across home plate and through the backstop was an unexpected bonus.

The shot below is of a different snow event but once again I was out early, camera-in-hand, looking for my morning companion, the sun.

After the Snow

In this scene it had snowed the day before and during the overnight hours. The morning hours were forecast to have clearing skies, one of the best times to be photographing.  You never know what you're going to get but that's part of the fun. Besides, if you stay in, you have already created your picture. :-)

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