Library of Congress

The Library of Congress here in the United States is the world's largest repository of knowledge and arguably one of the largest and most international libraries on the globe. With more than 150 million items catalogued, there is surely something of interest for everyone. If you've never visited but somehow get the opportunity, you should definitely treat yourself to the experience. The library is housed in three buildings on Capitol Hill, none of which are more impressive than The Thomas Jefferson Building, the centerpiece.

The buildings opened around 1897 but the Library of Congress was established in 1800 when then-President John Adams signed a bill. Make no mistake, this is far more than just a library. The place is a center for knowledge, creativity and artistic expression, the likes of which are only seen in very rare institutions around the world. 

As a kid I always enjoyed library visits where I could pick from any book and read about various places around the world or the associated history. For those with a thirst for knowledge, this is THE place to go. Can't get there? Well, the online site will have to do. :-)

The photograph below was taken while overlooking the Main Reading Room, where extensive research on a wide variety of topics is conducted.

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Library of Congress - Main Reading Room

No details were overlooked in this elaborately decorated room. The stained glass, marble floors, magnificent arches, and inlays of brass all contribute to this architectural place of beauty, a national monument. For a photographer like myself, it's a wonderland of sorts. Given the expansive collection of books, articles, exhibits and other historical documents, and the many opportunities to create imagery from the buildings themselves, there can be no doubt that this place is both rare and special. I thoroughly enjoy visiting this institution and hope you will have the experience as well.

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