Lock at Havre de Grace

Just outside of the lock house in Havre de Grace, Maryland I took this photograph of the sun rising above the railroad bridge one Spring morning back in 2011. Earlier it was very foggy on this chilly morning but most of that had burned away by the time I captured this frame. In the foreground is an old, historic lock which dates to the 1830's when the Susquehanna and Tidewater canal was being built. Imagine how "modern" this top of the Chesapeake Bay area must have seemed back then with a canal and a mainline railroad corridor coming through town.

I remember reading about some preliminary discussions between the Havre de Grace Mayor and Amtrak to replace this bridge, which is now more than 100 years old. The first bridge to span this crossing was built around 1866.

Whenever I take the train to New York, this is the very bridge that the train crosses. As much as I love the architecture of this old icon, a new fancy bridge would be a lovely sight to see. :-)

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