Maersk Line

Like many, I have always enjoyed seeing ships at sea. There is something special about these huge vessels moving gracefully across the water in silence.  In this post I share a few renditions of a Maersk Line container ship heading down the Chesapeake Bay for destinations unknown. 

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a Maersk Line container ship passes beneath the chesapeake bay bridge

I saw this container ship far upstream and waited for it to reach the bay bridge on it's way to the Atlantic Ocean. The Maersk Line is one of the largest container shipping companies, delivering goods over the world's oceans to every corner of the earth.

It's amazing to see so many of these containers stacked like moving boxes on these enormous ships. The ships can carry as many as 18,000 of these in the 20-foot size. You see these all the time being pulled along roadways everywhere on trailers.

The black and white conversion above was created in Photoshop CC 2014 using only the sliders on the B&W layer.

Lastly, I ran the photo below through Topaz Lab's Impression, applying the oil painting (Jim LaSala) filter and making a few adjustments.

The resulting "brush strokes" added a bit of texture to the otherwise featureless sky. I am definitely not a fan of skies like these but it's often what you get while shooting during the midday hours. 

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