Midnight Magic

This past weekend I spent the days and nights on Maryland's eastern shore, a place I love to visit for it's southern style hospitality and country living style. Yes, it is still a part of the state of Maryland but in many ways makes you feel like you have left town and visited some other place.

Anyhow, there is just so much to see and do there in those 9 counties sandwiched between the east side of the Chesapeake Bay, Delaware and the Atlantic Ocean. On this trip I spent a considerable amount of time in Cambridge before heading down to Taylor's Island for a trip out on the bay. The photograph below was taken behind the Hyatt Regency Chesapeak Bay which sits on the shores of the Choptank River.

Midnight Magic

It was an absolutely beautiful night after a day of 84-degree temperatures. I titled this image "Midnight Magic", although it was technically not midnight when I took the shot but hey, I needed a nice title. :-)

I really liked the minimalist feel of the scene and knew I had to have it recorded so I mounted my D7100 on the tripod and shot this 15-second exposure. This will end up framed and matted and I'll have to find a wall space to display it. It will also be offered for sale.

Speaking of framing, many of you may recall that I began framing and matting my own artwork, and that of others some months ago. This activity has taken off nicely and continues to ramp up. Soon I will provide some behind-the-scenes posts on the process and the end products. I am enjoying this quite a bit and it is actually fun to do.

By the way, have you wondered how this looks in black and white? I certain did so here is a conversion.

Let me have your feedback on the two and I thank you in advance.

Until next time, many thanks for visiting!