Niagara Falls - Winter of 2015

Today's post contains a few images from our past several days of Winter travel. Our main stop was Ontario Canada where we hoped to get a look at the historic Niagara Falls. Some may ask, who goes to Niagara Falls in the dead of Winter? Well, we were particularly excited about this since the falls was now partially frozen, the likes of which have not been seen in more than 100 years.

A black and white conversion photo will follow each color version in this post.

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This is a section of the Horseshoe Falls, taken from the Canadian side of this wonder of the world. I did not get down to the falls for that once in a lifetime sunrise photo I had envisioned but was happy nonetheless to have witnessed this rare scene. The harsh mid-morning light combined with all of the snow and ice made for challenging photographic conditions. In this image I am shooting right in to the sun.

Notice the ice and snow covered man-made structure in the lower right. It provides a sense of scale for the size of the falls.

Next up, a look down the snow-covered Niagara River toward what is known as the Rainbow Bridge.

Above we have my lovely wife, Lee. She broke out her handy Sony point and shoot to grab some shots and I was glad to catch this image. Just a second later and I would have missed this moment.

Take notice of the railing, it is packed with ice (not snow) from the mist of the falls that has built up over this brutally cold winter season. At the time of this photo it was around 6-below zero (F). 

Next we look across the border to the U.S. side.

This is the American Falls, as seen from the Canadian side of the border. Towering boulders of ice provide an awe-inspiring scene of a truly historic occurrence.

It has been a historic winter and everyone you speak with has had enough, including yours truly. But I am so happy to have taken the opportunity to capture some of the results of the extremely cold weather that has invaded the eastern half of North America. What also brings a smile to my face is the fact that we will soon see the transition to Spring beginning.

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