Old School Custom Cars

Regular readers of this space will know that I have a long-standing love affair with old school cars. This dates back to my childhood when we would sit on the front steps and count and claim cars. "This one is mine" could be heard as one of those beauties turned the corner or made it's way down the street. "Okay, the next one's mine", one of us would reply. :-)

From those early days til the last sundown, that passion will always be with me. Part of this is nostalgic and part is pure love, since many of my favorite cars and trucks pre-date my entry into the world.

Today I want to share just a few of the hundreds of custom car photos collected over time. Custom car shows and meetups occur from Spring until mid-Fall in this region so there is plenty of opportunity to see some of the classics, which quite honestly, a photograph cannot fully capture and convey. But each photo represents a precious memory captured in time.

Let's begin with this early forties streetrod.

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I absolutely love the flowing running boards and fenders on this one. I failed to note the actual model year on this but recall that it's a Ford. The body color was an odd shade of blue which I wasn't particularly crazy about but what a great ride. When I considered the odd color and the featureless sky of a hazy, hot and humid day, a black and white conversion was the best option for the final image.

Next up, a 1939 Ford Coupe.

This outstanding blue coupe was just begging to be photographed and I was more than happy to oblige. The paint job was simply amazing and the car has just enough trim on it to make it attractive without crossing over into the "overdone" category. The reflection in the side passenger door is a couple who were just hanging out. I waited quite some time hoping they would move on but they had found their spot and that was that. :-)

My practice of not exposing tag numbers led me to install one of my images, The National Aquarium. I chose it for a couple of reasons, including the fact that the sky in the image blended fairly well with the car and the current sky in the scene itself. I also felt that the atrium in the image somewhat mimicked the raised hood. 

There are a few constants at custom car shows. Isolating a particular vehicle can be quite the challenge and there are usually only a handful of true standouts. There can be hundreds of cars and just about every one of them looks great but there is also those that separate themselves from the others in some way. Such was the case with this 1941 Chevy Pickup.

The hinged windshield and the cutaway sides on the hood are really nice touches. These features are not practical for the everyday ride but for collectibles in a car show, suweet!

As you can see, this lovely truck was pretty much boxed in but I just had to have whatever angle I could manage for memory's sake. We'll share more classic cars in a future post but until then...

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