Pagoda in Patterson Park

Baltimore City has a number of very large public parks representing hundreds of acres, all within walking distance to residential communities. Most date back to the 18th and 19th centuries and have long histories.

One such park is the 150 acre Patterson Park where there is a strategically placed 60-foot pagoda that overlooks the park. I say strategically placed because you can see the downtown area, all the way to the harbor from this vantage point known as Hampstead Hill, an observation post during the war of 1812. 

Created in an oriental style, the pagoda was completed in 1892 by Philadelphia Architect, Charles H. Latrobe, then Superintendent of Parks. Access to the pagoda is limited and seasonal (Open April to October).

There are countless full view images for this structure so I have opted for a tight shot of the entrance in this post.

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The "1892" above the door is not the address but the year of completion, as previously mentioned.

After many years of decline a complete restoration project was undertaken. The project was completed in 2002, saving this iconic structure from demolition. It would have been a near crime to have allowed that to happen.

I will plan a return trip here during the open season for some inside shots, including a interesting spiral staircase.

Until next time...