Penny Lane

We've had Black Friday, the unofficial launch of the holiday shopping season and all of the associated excitement and in some cases, madness that accompanies it. I even shared some Christmas in New York images in my previous post. But today we'll return to a more relaxed shopping experience in this short post.

Below we have a couple of images from back in the summer while visiting the beautiful island of Aruba. Like most tourist areas they have a shopping district which looks much like most big city downtown areas. But some of your best bargains can be had along the side streets off of the main drag.

I was drawn to the colorful flowers and shops of this quaint little "lane" off of the main thoroughfare. There is also something about these old-fashioned clocks that I like. Having found myself a nice comfy bench, I just sat back for awhile with an ice cream cone while others in our group shopped. That's my kind of shopping. :-)

This lady seems to have found great interest in something on display. If its that wooden crab sculpture, perhaps she's from the Mid-Atlantic region, where crabs are really popular and considered a delicacy. Anyhow, it was fun just watching folks go bout their browsing and shopping experience. :-)

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