People in the Park

With all of the cold and snowy weather we've had for weeks now, warmer days cannot get here soon enough. The Spring season will be welcomed by all and once again there will be people in the parks, enjoying the great outdoors. While it still remains some weeks away, it is something to really look forward to.

In a previous post I had revisited some photos from the past while cleaning up the archives. In the background of one of those shots were some cherry blossoms taken during the 2014 Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington DC. That had me thinking ahead to the 2015 festival, now only weeks away.  So I thought I should get in a few more of last year's shots now and clear the way for this year's crop.

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The shot above was taken well after sunrise on this memorable morning. Hundreds of people, mainly armed with cameras, ringed the DC Tidal Basin for their opportunity to catch a little magic. Everyone really seemed to be enjoying this chilly but welcome Spring morning.

Photographers and sun worshipers alike were all out in force as the birds provided a few morning songs from the trees. By this time, shooting in the direction of the sun was setting off all sorts of lens flares so using a few tree branches and leaves to filter some of the light helped to control the scene.

Some of the cherry blossoms added a nice splash of color on the surface of the water in this last shot. The Martin Luther King Jr.Memorial sculpture rises above the tree line, something I didn't notice until opening this photo on the computer. I like those little surprises. :-)

So this will do it for the 2014 cherry blossom festival photos. I will attempt to make it to this year's event and gather more memories to share. After this harsh Winter I wonder what the blooms will look like. They tend to vary in color intensity some years but never disappoint. 

Thanks so much for clicking by!!