People on the Move

Once again, it's iPhone Friday! Of course I am happy to see any Friday, since it is the beginning of the weekend. :-)

In today's quick post we take a swing back through the Harbor Village on Paradise Island where people are on the move, as always. It's a festive and busy place and I wish I were back there about now.

The shot below was taken while out on an evening stroll through the village. I simply raised my iPhone and fired off some random shots throughout the remainder of the day.

People on the Move
People on the Move

A few hours earlier we experienced our one rain shower of the week while there, hence the gray sky. A short time later, everything had returned to normal, as seen in this previously posted image.

iPhones are fun to use for just grabbing some shots, many of which turn out to be quite nice.

iOS 7 was just released boasting an all-new design and all-new features, including improvements to the cameras. Since I just updated my devices before writing this, I have yet to take any photos for future iPhone Friday posts, but look forward to finding out if there are any noticeable improvements.

Added to the Still, Panorama and Video formats is the new Square image format. I am more interested in the Mono filter, which could be really cool for street photography. There are 7 other retro styled filters as well, which I will reserve an opinion on until I get a chance to try them out. Sounds a bit Instagram-ish (is that a word?) but we'll see. :-)

In any case, I am certain that I will be putting the updated features through their paces during the coming days.

Enjoy the weekend, my friends.

Stay creative!



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