Photographing Trees

Trees are pretty common subjects for outdoor photography either as the star or in a supporting role. They have a certain majestic feel to them that has me constantly on the lookout for those that may fit well in a scene.

Sometimes it's just a limb draping across a corner or a large tree to anchor one or both sides of the frame. It's hard to explain, other than to say that I just love the heck out of them.

In this post I wanted to share a few tree shots. It's funny, I never really set out to find tree shots, it just happens. I'm usually looking for something else and trees are very helpful in rounding out a scene but sometimes they take a more prominent position.

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I really like catching trees that are backlit, they make wonderful silhouettes and create a little mystery. The stand of trees above are sharing the frame with the silo and help to balance out the entire photo. I wanted a good deal of the sky included so they really saved the day.

There is something special about a clear and cold day. Perhaps it's the crispness of the air or the quietness of the moment. This photo was taken at the Prettyboy Reservoir in Baltimore County, a 19 billion gallon body of water the spills over the Prettyboy Dam just off to the left.

Once again a tree comes to the rescue, as I think this shot would have been a little less interesting without those branches in the foreground.

A few homes and a scattering of trees provide a backdrop for this pond and the last of the golden light for the day. I had stopped here during the morning but the thick fog and horrible sky told me to come back later. The evergreen trees were still holding snow of the limbs earlier that day but it was lost to the sun by the time I returned.

A transitioning sky awaits the early risers on this particular morning. This photo is more about the sky than the trees but they serve as an anchor for the entire photograph. There is also a couple of rooflines from houses mixed in.

I think that trees strut their best stuff during the Fall of the year. This late October photo captures a stream of leaves making their seasonal exit.

High atop a hill sits a farmhouse and a few outbuildings. After racking out the lens to 200mm there was far less hillside to crop away and I was able to give the trees better balance and definition.

In this last shot of this post, the trees are the stars of the show. Obviously these were planted in a nice neat row many years ago but they have since taken on their own identity with each having a different shape. The irregularity of the limbs made this quite interesting for me.

This was one of our first significant snowfalls of the season. While we may be in the throes of winter right now, I look ahead about seven weeks when once again the trees will be budding and preparing to show off their spring colors. No matter the time of year, trees are never very far from my lens.

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