PRR 1223 - Steam Locomotive

The Pennsylvania Railroad, aka "Pennsy", was once the proud owner of this historic steam locomotive numbered 1223. Built in 1905  by the PRR's shops in Altoona PA., it is now housed at the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania located in the village of Strasburg, a place I have visited on several occasions.

This is known as a 4-4-0 configuration, that is, 4 leading wheels followed by 4 powered wheels and no (0) trailing wheels. This was the prevalent style of locomotives during the early 1800s in North America and served as the workhorse of the industry through the first half of that century.

PRR 1223 - Historic Steam Locomotive

As you can see, this has been completely restored. At the time of my last visit it was parked right at the entrance door to the exhibit area where you couldn't avoid seeing it in all of its beauty. Before being placed inside it provided excursion service for tourist at the Strasburg Railroad in the 1970s & 80s but was eventually deemed no longer safe to operate.

This was once the high-speed passenger locomotive of its time but has now found its permanent place among the other great railroad machines of the past. Its so nice to know that this magnificent piece will be on display for many generations to come.

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