Quiet Afternoon

Recently, I came upon this December 2012 image of a quiet afternoon near Baltimore's Inner Harbor. It was cold and crisp during the waning daylight hours of what had been a beautiful,  warm day. People were hurrying about as usual in a  nearby business district, then suddenly, there was peace and quiet along the waterfront.

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It's times like these that you are reminded of how peaceful an evening along the waterfront can be, even in a heavily trafficked area like this.

I continued my walk along the promenade, stopping to gather additional images along the way, including some yet to be processed night shots. So glad I went back through this somewhat forgotten folder. ;-)

Here is a black and white conversion of the image above.

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For this particular B&W conversion I used lightroom 5 and it's powerful HSL / Color / B & W panel.  This can be quite a bit of fun to play with as it yields a wide range of results. One click on the B & W section at the top converts the image.

One of the features I find particularly useful is the Target button (Green arrow) which allows you to selectively mix the tones in certain areas of the image. It acts like a toggle, click to activate, click again to exit the target mode.

Once activated you simply click any section of your image and drag up or down to mix the grayscale.  As you do this you will notice the sliders moving to match the adjustments.

There is no formula or partiular settings for images, as each is completely different. Best results are obtained by simply experimenting and identifying the result you are most happy with.

Below are a few options for those of you who may want to try out the software or upgrade. Adobe continues to offer that great deal for Lightroom and Photoshop Creative Cloud at $9.99 monthly. The links are not affiliates, simply informational.

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