Railroad Container Cars

Recently I passed an industrial area and spotted some railroad container cars parked at what appeared to be some sort of loading station. The early morning light was just beginning to intensify on the side of one of the cars and that was enough to pique my interest. I reeled off a few shots and was on my way, since industrial areas are high-security zones these days.

Anyhow, as often happens, your photos show a lot more on the computer than they do in the field during the shoot and I became quite curious about this loading station and it's purpose.  I saw no signs or company names while taking the photos so I thought I would try to identify the railroad car's ownership.

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A Google search on the letters "DAKX", as seen on the cars, can be traced to DAK Americas LLC. DAK Americas is one of the largest producers of resins in the world, as listed on the company website. So now things shown in this photo seem to make more sense to me. The pipelines may be used to load resin materials into the railroad container cars, which appear to be top-loaders.

I may very well be incorrect about this but as one who always seeks to understand what I have photographed, this seems a fair possibility. A more knowledgeable explanation is certainly more than welcome. :-)

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