Railroad Crossing

Today's railroad crossing image was taken while passing through York PA at the old Keystone Color Works plant, seen in the background. The locomotive is owned by the Emons Transportation Group, who acquired York Railway and it's 42-mile stretch of track in and around the York Pennsylvania area. The number 1500 locomotive, seen here with it's Emons 25th Anniversary logo on it, just happened to be coming by while I was out on a photo shoot and decided to stop in this industrial area on a bitterly cold day in 2013.

I reeled off 6 or 8 shots as it went by, with this image being the one I liked best.

During post-processing I had all sorts of issues with the color version of this image. It looked just horrible, so I went to the quick fix for those rare color shots that stubbornly fail to cooperate. The black and white conversion cures that problem every time. :-)

Thanks for coming by. I have a ton of images to process and plan to get back into a regular posting schedule soon.